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2010 Toyota SOLARA Accessories

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Cargo Net

Custom-crafted for the vehicle cargo area, the cargo net is designed to hold a variety of everyday items-from groceries to athletic gear-and ensure they don't shift around or tip over. The cargo net features a hammock-style design and durable netting that attaches to defined points in the rear cargo area, making it easily accessible. The cargo net can be installed or detached in seconds, and folds flat for storage when not in use.
Part Number: PT347-06040
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First Aid Kit

This soft-sided, black PVC zipper case is designed to mount inside the cabin or cargo area, ensuring practical first aid supplies are always close at hand. Contents include tweezers/magnifier, insect sting pads, towelettes, adhesive bandages, butterfly strips, sterile gauze, and stretch bandage with metal clips, muslin sling, adhesive tape, scissors and an emergency blanket.
Part Number: PT420-03023
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Emergency Assistant Kit

This durable nylon kit features tools and supplies for handling minor emergency situations and repairs, without having to wait for a tow truck or repair service. Contents include booster cables, tire pressure gauge, hose clamp/tape, pocket tool and work gloves-plus essential emergency supplies such as survival wrap blankets, poncho, flashing LED lights, flashlight/lantern and water bag.
Part Number: PT420-00045
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Wind Screen

Custom wind screen optimizes top-down driving experience in Toyota Solara by reducing air turbulence and wind noise (up to 50 percent) around vehicle occupants. The wind screen includes a tilt-back feature to improve rear visibility when backing up-and can remain in place whether the top is up or down.
Part Number: PT906-06041
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Carbon Fiber Titanium Finish Shift Knob, Manual Transmission

As cool as they are functional, these anodized aluminum/carbon fiber shift knobs add a sleek, performance-inspired design to the vehicle's interior. This features a carbon fiber sleeve; available in Chrome, Titanium, Read and Blue which is sandwiched between two anodized aluminum pieces. They provide ninja-quick shifting and a race-infused finishing touch to the vehicle's interior.
Part Number: PTS22-00033
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