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2011 Toyota RAV4 All Weather Floor Mats

Tough, durable all-weather floor mats help protect your vehicle's original factory carpet. These solid one-piece floor mats feature a distinctive vehicle logo and a ribbed channel design that helps contain moisture, grease, dirt, sand and other debris. The mats are constructed from high-quality recyclable thermoplastic polymer material that resists fading and cracking. Plus they feature an anchoring mechanism that consists of sturdy retention hooks anchored to your vehicle's floor, along with nibbed backing to help prevent the mats from shifting. Inserting the hooks into the holes integrated within the mats helps hold them securely in place (retention clips included).
OEM 2011 Toyota RAV4 All Weather Floor Mats

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PT908-4200W-20 2-piece. Set, Black, For Vehicle with 3rd Row$ 49.94$36.62
Note: This part number is applicable ONLY to campaign vehicles
PT908-42110-20 4-piece Set, Black$ 99.00$71.98
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