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2007 Toyota RAV4 Auto-Dimming Mirror

The automatic-dimming inside mirror relieves drivers from enduring the full glare of headlights from vehicles behind them through the use of two sensors attached to the mirror: a forward-facing light detection sensor, which detects the lighting conditions surrounding the vehicle; and the rear light detection sensor, which detects the light that strikes the inside mirror from behind the vehicle. During nighttime driving, if a difference in intensity exists between the surrounding light and the light reflected off the inside mirror, the auto-dimming feature automatically reduces the reflection rate of the inside mirror to dampen the glare and improve the driver's rear view. The RAV4 inside mirror also features a compass display in the upper right-hand corner of mirror.
OEM 2007 Toyota RAV4 Auto-Dimming Mirror

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Note: It requires moon roof for installation. Conflicts with non-moon roof models.
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