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2011 Toyota PRIUS Door Edge Guards

Help protect the vehicle's vertical door edges from dings and paint chips with exclusive, body color-matched Genuine Toyota Door Edge Guards. Offering affordable protection, these Door Edge Guards help preserve the vehicle's like-new appearance while seamlessly blending into its sleek, streamlined styling. Constructed from roll-formed 400 series stainless steel, which is stronger that typical steel, these Door Edge Guards are encapsulated in body color-matched Thermoplastic Compound (TPC) to help prevent any metal-to-metal contact between the guard and the door edge. Engineered for easy installation with no surface preparation needed, the Door Edge Guards are custom fabricated for a perfect fit to the door edge contours. They employ a compression fit for secure adhesion without the need for chemical adhesives or mechanical fasteners plus, installation is quick and easy. They can also be removed with no consequential damage. Constructed to meet Toyota's rigorous engineering standards, Genuine Toyota Door Edge Guards resist cracking, fading and peeling, plus, they can help maintain resale value.
OEM 2011 Toyota PRIUS Door Edge Guards

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PT936-47100-01 Classic Silver Metallic - 1F7$ 94.00$65.88
PT936-47100-02 Black - 202$ 94.00$65.88
PT936-47100-03 Barcelona Red Metallic - 3R3$ 94.00$65.88
PT936-47100-04 Sandy Beach Metallic - 4T8$ 94.00$65.88
PT936-47100-08 Blue Ribbon Metallic - 8T5$ 94.00$65.88
PT936-47100-10 Blizzard Pearl - 070$ 94.00$65.88
PT936-47100-18 Winter Grey Metallic - 8V1$ 94.00$65.88
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