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1978 Toyota Celica Parts

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VIN Model Pro Date Engine Model Body Type Trim Level Auto or Manual Trans Gear Shift Type A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 Frame No.
RA42L-BCHDSA197708-19800820R CP LT ATM 3FC RA42
RA42L-BCHQSA197708-19800820R CP GT ATM 3FC RA42
RA42L-BCHSSA197708-19800820R CP ST ATM 3FC RA42
RA42L-BCKDSA197708-19800820R CP LT MTM 4F RA42
RA42L-BCKSSA197708-19800820R CP ST MTM 4F RA42
RA42L-BCMQSA197708-19800820R CP GT MTM 5F RA42
RA42L-BCMSSA197708-19800820R CP ST MTM 5F RA42
RA42L-BLHQSA197708-19800820R LB GT ATM 3FC RA42
RA42L-BLHSSA197708-19800820R LB ST ATM 3FC RA42
RA42L-BLMQSA197708-19800820R LB GT MTM 5F RA42
RA42L-BLMSSA197708-19800820R LB ST MTM 5F RA42