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Toyota Corolla Oxygen Sensor

The Toyota Corolla Oxygen Sensor is a measuring probe for determining the amount of oxygen in the exhaust; actually they are mounted inside of your exhaust pipe. But like any other car parts, Body Parts don't last forever. In case yours is damaged or ruined, be sure that you replace it immediately; the market offers wide variety of Engine Parts replacements. After the Toyota Corolla Oxygen Sensor obtained the data, it would direct the information to the vehicle computer.
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Toyota Corolla Oxygen Sensor
Toyota Corolla SENSOR, OXYGEN
Part No.: 89465-12160
Not Available
Toyota Corolla SENSOR,OXYGEN
Part No.: 89465-19225
Not Available
Toyota Corolla SENSOR, OXYGEN
Part No.: 89465-19295
Not Available
Toyota Corolla SENSOR
Part No.: 89465-29045
Not Available
Toyota Corolla SENSOR
Part No.: 89465-29055
Not Available
41 - 45 of 45 Results
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