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Scion Radiator

When it comes to cooling down your car's engine, no other part does it better than the radiator. It helps lower engine temperature through the simple process of heat exchange. As coolant flows through the engine, the fluid absorbs much of the engine block's heat. This keeps engine temperature at manageable levels, preventing the dangers of overheating. After taking heat from moving engine parts, the hot coolant returns to the Toyota radiator. The OEM Toyota radiator is usually equipped with one to three rows of finned tubes that can hold heated coolant. The heat exchange process happens when air blown in through your vehicle's grille picks up heat from hot coolant, leaving the coolant at a lower temperature.
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Scion Radiator
Part No.: 16400-28660
Replaced by: 16400-28661
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Part No.: 16400-36190
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11 - 12 of 12 Results
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