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2009 Toyota Echo Accessories


First Aid Kit

This soft-sided, black PVC zipper case is designed to mount inside the cabin or cargo area, ensuring practical first aid supplies are always close at hand. Contents include tweezers/magnifier, insect sting pads, towelettes, adhesive bandages, butterfly strips, sterile gauze, and stretch bandage with metal clips, muslin sling, adhesive tape, scissors and an emergency blanket.
Part Number: PT420-03023
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Emergency Assistant Kit

This durable nylon kit features tools and supplies for handling minor emergency situations and repairs, without having to wait for a tow truck or repair service. Contents include booster cables, tire pressure gauge, hose clamp/tape, pocket tool and work gloves-plus essential emergency supplies such as survival wrap blankets, poncho, flashing LED lights, flashlight/lantern and water bag.
Part Number: PT420-00045
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Carbon Fiber Titanium Finish Shift Knob, Manual Transmission

As cool as they are functional, these anodized aluminum/carbon fiber shift knobs add a sleek, performance-inspired design to the vehicle's interior. This features a carbon fiber sleeve; available in Chrome, Titanium, Read and Blue which is sandwiched between two anodized aluminum pieces. They provide ninja-quick shifting and a race-infused finishing touch to the vehicle's interior.
Part Number: PTS22-00033
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