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2010 Toyota 4Runner Accessories

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XM Satellite Radio Receiver

To further enhance the ownership experience, Toyota, Scion and Lexus offer over 170 channels of XM Radio, including commercial-free music plus the best sports, news, talk and entertainment along with dedicated channels providing instant traffic and weather reports. XM offers many significant benefits over traditional radio. The sound quality is excellent, the range of programming is eclectic and XM is available in almost any location in the country. Because the signal is beamed from satellites, you can hear the same great channels wherever you may drive.
Part Number: 86180-0W031
Note: It applies to radio head units that have SAT button only. Conflicts with IPod interface kit and radios with embedded satellite radio.

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Wireless Headphones

Fully adjustable wireless headphones with cushioned padding complement the vehicle's rear seat entertainment system with rich, dynamic sound quality.
Part Number: PT900-00031
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Retail Price: $40.00
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Interface kit for iPod

The interface kit for iPod uses a proprietary 30-pin Apple iPod connector via connection point in the glove compartment that allows direct connection of your ipod to your vehicle. It provides an excellent sound quality and easy to use application.
Part Number: PT545-00082
Note: Requires audio head unit to be satellite ready

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BLU Logic Hands Free System with Small Button, Non-JBL, Non-Navigation

The BLU Logic® hands-free system integrates with the factory audio system to initiate and answer cellular phone calls, enabling cell phone use that is essentially "hands free." Owners can listen to incoming and outgoing cellular calls through the front factory speakers and a small microphone is designed to capture the voices of vehicle occupants. Incoming calls are answered with the push of a button. Outgoing calls are placed by cellular phone dialing and speaking into the fixed microphone provided. The sound level of incoming calls is easily adjusted up or down with simple, clearly identified button functions.
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